Platte River Taphouse


“The Platte Valley has been two different breweries in the past, and we now are currently brewing off premise for a couple different reasons. We wish to have a beer for all tastes. That being said, even those who do not care for craft brew will enjoy our S.O.P. (South Of the Platte), which is a Mexican Lager much like a Corona or Dos XX. Our Red Rock Wheat is very smooth with a little sweetness tucked in. Even our Oatmeal Stout is not over powering to the taste. During the summer months we offer light fruit beer..  Our Adams Pale Ale, Belgium Pale Ale, and One More Hop IPA make the craft beer enthusiasts happy. If you still do not like our beer, we offer 14-16 other beers on tap, and several other beers in bottles. We are a full service bar with a wide range of liquor.”

Laura Purcell